Julianna Sullivan & Tony Stevenson

WAIMOS’ WEEKEND: The 50th anniversary of the Waimate Rugby Club saw the launch of a book by Tony Stevenson and Julianna Sullivan celebrating the club’s history.

The Waimate Rugby Club’s history in an intriguing one.

How can a club that has been around since 1876 and won the the Skinner Cup in 1958 and 1960 be celebrating only its 50th jubilee?

Club captain and historian Tony Stevenson said it was complicated but he could explain.

It seems the club burst into life more than 125 years ago and then disappeared.

When it was re-established it was part of a sub-union and the first two senior championships came that way after being invited to play in Timaru.

Stevenson said the club wore Pleasant Point maroon jerseys, which he understood were the colours of Makikihi.

The club was officially formed in 1963. Even then it wasn’t all smooth going.

Old Boys complained their blue jerseys were too close to their colours so the following year red was added to the collar and the top of their socks.

While the club became a real focus of the community it had to wait almost 30 years until it lifted the senior championship crown again but did it three times in quick succession in 1990, 1994 and 1995.

The 50th Jubilee was held on the weekend of  Friday 26th-Sunday 28th April 2013 and turned out to be a great success. To see what went on, who registered, and who supported the event visit the 50th Jubilee page.

For the event, Tony Stevenson removed his club captain hat and donned his historian one and researched and found enough information to produce a book, that went on sale during the celebrations. For those people unable to get a copy, we are now adding a full copy to this website as time allows and hope that not only will it be a great resource in years to come for the Waimate Rugby Football Club, but also as a part of the local history too.

Below you can follow links to the various sections of the book.

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The Waimate RFC 50th Jubilee Book:

Cover, Team Colours, Forward and Chairman’s Message.

Chapter One                                   The Early Years

Chapter Two                                   1963 – 1972

Chapter Three                                 1973 – 1982

Chapter Four                                   1983 – 1992

Chapter Five                                   1993 – 2002

Chapter Six                                     2003 – 2012