Jubilee Book

Waimo’s, Water and Wallabies 

History of Waimate Rugby Football Club


50th Jubilee Book Cover



Waimate Rugby Team Colours down through the Ages

Club Est. Colours Home ground Folded/Amlgd
Waimate Sub-Union 1908 Royal blue & white hoops Manchester Park
Waimate (Borders) 1876 Dark blue, sky blue sash Manchester’s Paddock 1907
1890 Navy, sky hoops
Non Pariel 1890 Black, white sash Manchester’s Paddock 1900
Zealandia 1897 Blue & black hoops Manchester’s Paddock 1914
Morven 1898 Black & white hoops Morven Domain 1901
Hiwiroa 1908 Royal blue Victoria Park 1922
Taniwha 1908 All black Victoria Park 1914
Waihao Downs 1920 Red & black hoops Waihao Downs 1930
Wairongomai 1920 Red & white hoops Waihaorunga 1930
Willowbridge 1920 Green & black hoops Willowbridge Hall Pdk 1930
Glenavy 1922 Red gold & black hoops Glenavy Domain 1936
Hui Mai 1922 Black & white hoops Morven Domain 1953
Southern 1922 Royal blue Manchester Park 1953
Northern 1922 Blue & back hoops Manchester Park 1936
Marist Old Boy’s 1921 Dark green Manchester Park 1935
Pirates 1934 All black skull & crossbones Arno Domain 1937
Waimate Old Boy’s 1935 All white Manchester Park 1953
Makikihi 1937 Maroon Makikihi Domain 1953

This is an attempt to record some of the history of the Waimate Rugby Football Club. Inevitably some names and events will be omitted, but we hope to have done our best with the information that we have.

Tony Stevenson and Julianna Sullivan


Our beloved game of rugby has been played in the Waimate District since the 1870’s and it was in 1963 that the Waimate Rugby Football Club became an afilliated club, taking over from the sub unions.

There have been many changes and improvements to our favoured sport in the Waimate District, but the human content of our club today have been the same principles as those of the old clubs that have gone before us, providing sport and recreations for the districts youth and entertainment and fellowship for those who only wish to watch.

Comparing players of different eras can be a frustsrating and inaccurate business, but it is inevitable that rugby fans will always compare outstanding players. It is one of the joys of sport that people inevitably like to compare the great players of one era against those of another. By doing so, they are remembering players long gone and showing their respect by focussing on the contributions they made to the evolution of the game.

This 50th Jubilee has not come about by the efforts of the present club personnel alone, it is a mark in time representing the efforts of many folk that have either passed away or are no longer active in sport in this district. We carry their torch.

This publication Waimo’s, Water and Wallabies, is a tribute to those people.

Their joy, their despair, their story and their club.

Brent Cunningham

President Waimate Rugby Football Club

Message From Chairman

On behalf of the 50th Jubilee organising committee, I wish to congratulate Tony and Julianna for the excellent scrapbook they have produced. It has taken many hours of dedicated research to come up with this publication, which has helped create interest in the Jubilee and will form a platform upon which future records can be kept. I am sure all those who have been involved with rugby in Waimate will find this book very interesting and it will bring back many memories.

Gordon Scott

Chairman Waimate Rugby Football Club 50th Jubilee Committee


The Opening of the Clubrooms 1963